Author: Hamish Bell

QR Code?

Did you get here by scanning the QR Code on the new Town Map in Mere Square? If so, congratulations! We’ve been updating the map to reflect the businesses now operating in the Town. Please support them if you can. It really is a case of “use them or lose them”!

As a visitor you’ll find that Mere is a friendly town. When you go around, don’t be surprized by receiving a friendly “Good Morning”; please do the same to those whom you meet.

If you want to know more of the work of the Chamber, or any other of the happenings in the Town, read the monthly reports in “Mere Matters”, the Town’s own monthly newsletter. An electronic version is available at shortly after the print version has been published.

Cycle Routes

We had hoped to publish a couple of cycle routes around the area but have met some technical difficulties. The instructíons also include maps which are restricted both by scale and copyright considerations. We may be able to overcome both of these issues in the next couple of months, in time for the better weather.

Competent Editors!

We had an excellent training session today with Ron McKinlay, our web designer. If this post appears, his effort will be justified! This means we can now update our site as soon as events occur without waiting for a third party. Look out for future updates.